City Match-Play Championships

A season-long elimination tournament with multiple divisions.

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This match-play tournament runs for the entire season, beginning in May and ending in autumn and champions win great prizes, along with notoriety throughout the year.

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Good luck to all competitors!

Current Champions
Alain Roy
A Division

78-84 scoring median

Current Champion is Alain Roy
Kevin Mulholland
B Division

85-91 scoring median

Current Champion is Kevin Mulholland
Gilles Peladeau
C Division

92-99 scoring median

Current Champion is Gilles Peladeau
Scott Turner
D Division

100+ scoring median

Current Champion is Scott Turner

Professional Division
Professional Division

For Golf Professionals

Current Champion is TBA
Allen McGee
The Open

Open to anyone.

Current Champion is Allen McGee
Sean Leduc
Junior Open

18 years or less

Current Champion is Sean Leduc

Haley Yerxa
Ladies Open

Open to any lady

Current Champion is Haley Yerxa
Cheryl Hill
Ladies B

85-91 scoring median

Current Champion is Cheryl Hill
Marie Lusson
Ladies C

92-99 scoring median

Current Champion is Marie Lusson
Nathalie Pelletier
Ladies D

100+ scoring median

Current Champion is Nathalie Pelletier

Craig Domville
Senior Open

50 years and up

Current Champion is Craig Domville
Guy Brunet
Super Senior

65 years and up

Current Champion is Guy Brunet
Don Miller
Supreme Senior

75 years and up

Current Champion is Don Miller
Sharon Windsor & Nolan Windsor

Open to any parent and child team

Current Champions are Sharon Windsor & Nolan Windsor

Allen McGee & Luci Leblanc
Mixed A

174 max combined scoring median

Current Champions are Allen McGee & Luci Leblanc
Johnny Davies & Cheryl Hill
Mixed B

189 max combined scoring median

Current Champions are Johnny Davies & Cheryl Hill
Mixed C
Mixed C

190+ combined scoring median

Current Champions are TBD
Jim Backs & Andy Rajhathy
Pairs Division

Open or A player + one D, or B+C team

Current Champions are Jim Backs & Andy Rajhathy

Register Here (Juniors Only)

Division(s): You can play in multiple divisions — as a single or as a team

Junior Division: 18 years or less

Format & Rules (Updated July 12, 2019)

  1. Entries and payment must be in by May 15th

  2. Round #1 to be set up by May 20th

  3. One-time $10 entry fee per person, per division, plus the Slammer Tour event fee for each round played (CMPC matches not eligible for 1st event Slammer Tour promo); $100 extra for Professional division to be split 75-25 between Champion & Runner-Up

  4. Prizes and trophies awarded to champs of all divisions as well as runners-up

  5. For Junior, Senior, Super Senior and Supreme Senior divisions, players are eligible if they are of the relevant age at any time during the calendar year. For example, someone who turns 50 in Novemember is eligible to play in the Senior division, or an 18-year old who turns 19 in March is eligible for the Junior division, even though they will be 19 when competition in underway

  6. Parent-Child, Mixed and Pairs divisions are combined match-play (add both scores)

  7. Pairs Division teams consist of one Open/A Division player and one D Division player, or one B Division player and a C Division player

  8. Mixed is divided into A, B & C where B is for teams with a maximum combined scoring median of 189, and C is for teams with a combined median of 190+

  9. You may play in a higher division if you like, and you may play in as many divisions as you like

  10. Single knockout format: lose once and you are out; win and you move to the next round

  11. All matches will be played at regularly published Slammer Tour events and arranged by both players; your opponent's email address will be provided upon request via Messenger or Slammer Tour members can be contacted using the email convention

  12. Each round will have a published deadline; any match not completed by the published deadline will be declared over and management will select one person to move on based on the following guidelines: individual attempts to play the match and other reasons provided

  13. Seeding for entrants will be done by lottery except the top four from the previous year will be seeded 1 to 4

  14. If a match ends in a draw then sudden death extra holes is played, but only if both players agree and the course permits it, otherwise another 18-hole match must be scheduled

  15. Anyone can enter; don't be shy!

  16. Players must meet the divisional criteria at the time of registration. If at any time throughout the year a player's scoring median moves substantially below the eligible scoring median (3 or more strokes) then the player will be removed from that division and a default win awarded to his/her opponent; this will be a discretionary call by management based on the evidence provided; if removed, a decision will be made to grant a default win to the previous opponent played (if the match was played within one week prior) or granted to the next player to play

  17. Once the brackets get to the semi-final rounds, the above rule no longer applies and players cannot be removed

  18. Maximum of 32 entries per division; first come first served

  19. Matches are played under Slammer Tour rules; for a summary of the most important rules, click here

  20. Each singles division is assigned a tee block and all competitors must play from these tee blocks. Doubles divisions will be played from each competitor's ClubEG Tee Block Assignment. Note that competitors may opt to play a tee block further back if they desire, but they must stay on that same tee block for the entire match

  21. Every Slammer Tour event has an Onsite Coordinator who will report match results to the ClubEG Tournament Committee immediately afterwards

Good luck to all competitors!

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