ClubEG Rules & Procedures

Updated February 5, 2018

The Spirit of ClubEG

The spirit of a ClubEG Membership is to be a part of a club which offers a wide variety of great courses to play. We don't monitor this very closely but in some circumstances it might be necessary for us to limit plays at a particular course. Play them all and you might find a few new favourites!

Booking Procedure: Part I

You must make your reservation on the ClubEG app or call 613-274-7393 to confirm your spot. Spots become available starting at 9am, 5 days in advance: i.e., spots open at 9am Monday for Saturday. If you show up at a course without having booked with ClubEG, you will be asked to pay full rates directly to the course.

Booking Procedure: Part II

You must reserve your tee-time directly with the golf course. Booking with ClubEG does not guarantee an available tee-time; it simply lets you know that there is an available ClubEG spot at the desired course. If, however, you book with ClubEG but can't find a tee-time at the course you have chosen, you must cancel your reservation on the ClubEG website, or give us a call to switch your booking to another course.

Method of Payment

All fees are payable to ClubEG (not to the golf course) and your credit card is charged weekly. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Alternatively you may send Interac eTransfer or PayPal to If you choose to pay by email or PayPal then you must settle your account weekly, otherwise service charges will apply. To avoid service charges for late payments, we suggest you send a deposit then draw from your deposit and replenish as required.

ClubEG Cancellation Policy

To cancel your reservations without penalty, please make the cancellation before 9am the day prior to your scheduled round of golf. For example, if your reservation is for Saturday and you need to cancel then you must do so before 9am Friday morning. If you must cancel after this time then there will be a cancellation fee of 50%. If the golf course is closed for any reason, you will obviously not be charged for your reservation.

Our policy is in place so that reservations are not cancelled at the last minute, unnecessarily, using up spots that could be used by other members.

Membership Transferability

ClubEG Memberships may be transferred to another individual, but only if the recipient is a new/first-time member.

Pre-Paid Rounds Policy

Pre-paid rounds may be used as a $25 credit and any pre-paid rounds not used by the end of the golf season cannot be carried over to the next season. Pre-paid rounds must be used in the season purchased.


You represent both ClubEG and the rest of its members while on any of our partner courses, so please respect standard golf etiquette. This applies to dress code, pace-of-play, fixing ball marks and divots, etc.


Tee-times are precisely set based on date and time, volume of golfers and other factors... so be on time. Get to the course early and make sure you call to cancel if you just can't make it.

Member Cards

As a ClubEG member, you must show proof of membership when you check in at the golf course — either on your phone, or a physical card. If you forget your ID, you will likely be charged the full rate. Personal ClubEG memberships are non-transferable; however, custom group memberships are fully transferable. You must also produce proof of membership to be eligible for preferred rates/member perks with our partners and friends.

Member Photos

Please send a photo for your membership card, in JPG format, to Don't worry about the size: the bigger the better. We can resize and crop it for you.

ClubEG Tournaments

Periodically, for some ClubEG events, spots will be reserved ahead of the five-day booking window for full members. This is a similar policy to that of traditional golf clubs. We aim to ensure there are always spots available for ClubEG members to play at our partner courses.


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